In the past couple of articles I have mentioned that one disease does not cause exacerbation of another rather they both develop simultaneously because of circumstances which is mostly a toxic, polluted blood. Diabetes melitus was taken as an example where various problems occur simultaneously but become pronounced at different times. Polluted blood will acidify cells in or body and cause various problems of which the most recognizable are circulatory problems which may cause skin lesions that do not want to heal leading to necrosis and, end up with amputation. I have shown you Javier’s leg that was progressively getting worse and doctors recommendation was to amputate it.

Here  Is the photo so that you can compare it with a new one taken yesterday.

DSC_0179 (2)Havier leg 2

Here you can see the progress. Lesions are closing and the leg is getting back its normal color. No amputation is necessary.

What caused for the…

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