Re-Sorting a life’s purpose

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I know I have a handful of occupational experiences.  I have been in office work, ran my own cleaning business, and now have become a certified red seal carpenter and am currently working in that field.    But what is it that I am really designed for here?

I like the fact that my occupations have all contributed to the re-training of my ego.  I like that I can look deeper into my current situation with my place of employment and really see how it is challenging me at a shadow level in many ways.  Still drudging up old baggage from my upbringing.  Still serving a worthy purpose.  Still pointing the way to old wounds that I can consciously identify for the purpose of healing and surrendering them to the divine.

But I feel like all of this is not the manifest purpose of what I am here to contribute.  It…

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3 thoughts on “Re-Sorting a life’s purpose

  1. I’ve been pondering “my purpose” myself as of late. I too have had a plethora of occupational experiences … and I do know that I’m heading somewhere, (my spiritual purpose – my reason for attending this “show”) – but I just can’t seem to get close enough, or clear enough, to reach the point of knowing exactly what the purpose is. Darn our egos, and darn the veils that cover our eyes/memory once we arrive here. I feel the struggle within. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one trying to seek my true purpose and what it is I’m to contribute. Lovely humbling. Lovely share. 🙂 Kimba

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      1. “Just Be” – I live by that each day of my life … though w/me, having been quite innately touched by an antenna of sorts – as the years pass, I grow closer and closer to the clarity and full knowledge of my true purpose – which I feel beneath my skin has a great deal to do with love, life (all life – all species), and making some type of difference, even if small. The clarity is so close, closer than ever before – I’ve just not reached the point in my journey as of yet where it’s time for my path to step around that corner – but I shall. 🙂 For now – I remain “Just being.”

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