The amount of people on BP medication is staggering.

hypertension otherwise known as high blood pressure is a condition ...

How important is it to have “normal” BP?

What causes the increase in BP?

We are told that “normal” BP is 120/70. There are people that naturally have lower BP some even 90/45 and it is normal for them.

Often when we visit a doctor he takes BP reading and immediately suggests BP lowering medication because the BP was elevated let’s say 140/80. We have to understand that every  movement you make during having your BP reading done your BP will be higher than it really is. Not only movement but stress at work or at home will increase the BP as well.

Elevated BP is normal response of the body when cellular demand requires more oxygen or expulsion of CO2 or more energy…BP will go up and heart beat will increase. This is normal state but BP can be elevated…

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