Wonders of Tumeric and Curcumin

Alchemical Body

Curcumin is the compound which makes turmeric yellow. It is the most researched constituent of the herb, and is mainly responsible for turmeric’s anti- inflammatory properties. It is unlikely, however, that curcumin accounts for the totality of the broad spectrum action of the herb. Subjectively, herbalists say that for many conditions, they have seen better results with the whole herb than with curcumin alone.
Curcumin is one of the diaryl heptanoids known collectively as curcuminoids that comprise about 5 % of turmeric. A polyphenol, curcumin (chemically termed ‘diferuloyl methane”), has actions similar to other polyphenols.
Curcumin has no known toxicity. Extremely high doses of turmeric, its alcohol extract, and pure curcumin do not produce undesired effects in any animal studied.
The mechanism of action is not well understood in curcumin’s case. Some evidence suggests that it acts to promote steroid secretion in the adrenal glands, while other evidence contradicts this…

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