~ Protect Yourself From Energy Loss And Psychic Attack ~

Guide Through Metaphysical Moments

Sometimes we suddenly start feeling very sick with weird unclear symptoms.

– unbearable headache,
– dizziness or nausea,
– limbs trembling,
– extreme weakness,
– rising fever…

Symptoms strike all at once and out of blue.

Which are not only physical, but come accompanied with
– a sudden deep feeling of depression
– and an impression that you are literally dying.

What’s scary is that this sudden utter sickly state develops unexpectedly and crooks you down on a sofa in pain, strange weakness and gloomy depressive mood. Most often you may have it in the afternoon, or in the end of your busy day.

A doctor will most certainly say you are simply tired, or stressed. Well, are you?
Not really.

Most probably you are an empath or a naturally sensitive person.
If you experience this sudden weird illness, it means you have simply lost a lot of energy in…

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