Heal The Body , The Mind And Breast Cancer

{Via BreastHealth on Pinterest}

{Via BreastHealth on Pinterest}

Let’s face it cancer is scary, but you do not need to be scared anymore.

When you think of breast cancer what do you think of?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Great. We are aware. We are aware that cancer sucks.

We are aware that enormous amounts of money are going into research to find a cure, but the reality is we need to look at the cause; we need to talk about prevention.

Prevention is not just about self exams, it’s about knowledge and what you can do in your control to take care of yourself. It has been stated that 1 in 3 woman will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It’s also been stated that 90% of cancers are linked to lifestyle and environmental exposures.

Something needs to change, NOW. Remember the Nanny? Fran Drescher is a cancer survivor and she has created the Cancer Schmancer movement. She is educating people on prevention and the things that cause cancer, period. Check out her mission at Cancer Schmancer.

I had a scare when I was in my twenties. I had a mass in my breast the size and texture of a hacky sack.

My doctor was amazing and told me that we were not even going to talk about the C word. We discussed my life, my lifestyle and what I was eating. We created a plan that I would ditch the soda, limit my caffeine and made sure that I was eating more fruits and vegetables, exercise and all of that healthy jazz.

She said that if the mass began to dissolve we would continue with the plan. When I went back the following month, it was smaller and each month, it continued to dissolve. In less than one year, the mass was gone.

This is when I really began to understand the power of holistic self-healing.

I was at a wedding and I offered to get my friend a drink. He wanted a diet coke and looked at me and said, “I know it’s not holistic, Case.” I smiled and got him his diet coke. Everyone will make their own choices, but my hope is that by sharing stories and information, people will make more educated and empowered decisions.

I use to drink lots of diet soda and caffeine. My doctor believes this was the cause of the mass manifesting in my breast. Soda is liquid chemicals and mixed with caffeine can make growths and tumors grow. There is nothing beneficial in soda that helps with the functioning and health of the human body. Nothing. Artificial sweeteners are toxic to your health, period.

Several women in my life have been diagnosed with breast cancer: My step-mom, my mother in law, my aunt and some good friends.

When I worked at Nordstrom I had numerous clients that I would fit for prosthesis because they lost all or part their breasts. I heard many stories, cried many tears, offered hugs to strangers that were my human sisters.

I raced for the cure, I wore my pink ribbon, but no more. The Pink Ribbon may be symbolic for many but it is marketing, and the pink ribbon products may not be in the best interest to your health or the solution for this epidemic.

Breast Cancer Action carries the voices of people affected by breast cancer to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic.

If you have breast cancer, or any cancer or know someone who does, you should also know there are alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. Not all cancers are the same, it is individual for everyone just as the healing and recovery process. The healing process begins in the mind and then the body.

I personally and firmly believe that if we clean up our plate, clean up our mind and clean up our planet, our cancer epidemic will disappear.

After my grandmother passed away from lung cancer, I began to search for alternative treatments. The chemo was impairing her immune system so it was difficult to heal from the treatment, let alone the cancer. The radiation burned her esophagus, so she could not even eat or drink foods that would nourish her and help her heal.

Yes, she smoked for 50 years and did not have the best diet; that is what made her ill, but that is not what killed her. She believed that the treatments would prolong her life. Sadly, that was not the case.

After her death, I found the Gerson Institute. I read the books, watched the films looked at the testimonials from people with all types and stages of cancer. It all made so much sense to me. Here is a testimonial from a nurse that was given a death sentence.


I also discovered Christina Pirello.

At age 26, she was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. By the time her illness was identified, the cancer had already advanced to an acute stage. Her doctors gave her little reason to have hope for the effectiveness of conventional medical therapies and told her she had only months to live.

Initially, she was discouraged and uncertain. Then a co-worker introduced her to Robert Pirello, a whole foods advocate who helped her adapt her lifestyle and diet based on whole, unprocessed food. With love, dedication and death-defying discipline, Christina overcame the odds, and in the process developed an expertise in cooking with whole foods.

After just two months of eating beans, grains and vegetables, her doctors noticed a significant improvement in her condition. In fourteen months, her cancer was gone. From that time, she was utterly convinced of the close relationship between diet and health. She knew her life’s calling was to help others discover the importance of this relationship in their own lives.

To that end, she studied and became an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture and earned a Masters Degree in Nutrition. Today, almost 27 years later, Christina is a glowing example and inspiration on the power that our food choices have on our overall health and well being.

There are numerous stories of healing.

There are things that YOU can do and YOU have control over.

It’s just up to YOU to make the choice.

Clean up your plate, clean up your mind and help clean up the planet.


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