Transition Outfit

Uplift and Conquer

Have you ever had the experience of trying to get dressed, and finding nothing in your wardrobe that suits you?

I’m not just talking about a day you feel off and your clothes aren’t helping – I’m talking about full-on identity crisis revealed by the threads you can’t bear to put on your frame.  You’re in the midst of a huge change – no longer at point A but not yet at point B, either.  Those days can be torture.

Days like that make me jealous of caterpillars.

Think about it: when caterpillars go through transition – which is clearly what is happening to you when your favorite pants feel like the bottom half of a clown suit  – they get to rock a cocoon.

Nobody is up in their face critiquing their fashion choices.  The natural kingdom gets it: y’all are in a process.  Do your thing.

Then, the…

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