Lady of passionate dreams


Lady of passionate dreams

with your sexy thighs in red corset 

you tease, eyes that wonder 

lips like rose petals


smooth like silk you flaunt in fun


expressing your desires to be sassy


you exhibit your inhibited beauty


in my eyes your an work of art


a masterpiece made in heaven.


an god sent angel from above


here to blossom with your beauty and love


4 thoughts on “Lady of passionate dreams

  1. Every blogger wants the thumbs-up. But you’d asked for my honest input with a view to improving your writing.

    I’m talking about your different posts: you want to watch the word “caress,” for one. It’s hard to use well in a classy way. I would love you to delete this comment when you’re done with it bc I’m not trying to rag on you. I would not bother if I didn’t care to be of help. You can also certainly disagree with me.


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